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The controversial New Zealand caddie had been asked on stage, during a dinner at the HSBC Champions in Shanghai, to explain his notorious gloating celebration after Adam Scott's win at Akron in August. He replied, in reference to Woods: "My aim was to shove it right up that black --------."

The remark by Williams left the audience of players, caddies and sponsors aghast. While the occasion had been intended as a light-hearted celebration of the 'caddie of the year' award, Williams' comment was uniformly seen as beyond the pale and escalated his bitter sniping at Woods to a new level.

Scott, the Australian world No 8 whose bag Williams took over after being sacked by Woods in July, was listening in the ground-floor room at the Le Meridien Sheshan hotel, alongside other top-10 players including Rory McIlroy.

The incident took place when Williams, who received a tongue-in-cheek award from fellow caddies for 'celebration of the year', was invited to recall his infamous swipe against Woods in Ohio three months ago.

The 47 year-old had accompanied Scott to a victory in the Bridgestone Invitational in their first tournament together, saying afterwards: "I have been caddying for more than 30 years now and that is the best win of my life. A lot has been said and it is great to back it up. I back myself as a frontrunner as a caddie and I have won again." He later clarified: "I had a lot of emotions going on all week.

"When we were coming down the stretch and all those people were calling out my name, I mean, I've never experienced anything like that. And when Adam won, all of a sudden that emotion poured out. But it's time to move on. The Tiger thing is over."

Not if this latest performance was any gauge. The racist "black" barb in Williams' attack betrayed the depth of his antipathy towards Woods. He had been at the former world No 1's side for 13 of 14 of his major championship victories, winning more than £3 million in the process, before the acrimonious split.

Williams stayed consistently tight-lipped during the sex scandal that engulfed Woods in 2009 and has since claimed he feels that loyalty has been betrayed.

He said in an interview with New Zealand television, following his July firing: "You could say I've wasted the last two years of my life. I've stuck with Tiger and been incredibly loyal. I'm not disappointed I've been fired – that's part of the job – but the timing is extraordinary. I, along with a lot of people, lost a lot of respect for Tiger and I pointed out before his return at the Masters in 2010 that he had to earn back my respect. Through time I hope he can gain my respect back."

That prospect looks impossible in the wake of Williams' outburst in China last night. Woods has so far refused to be riled by the Kiwi's provocation, even though his agent, Mark Steinberg, was understood to have had a frank exchange with Williams over the Bridgestone speech at the US PGA Championship.

Woods would say only: "Adam has been a friend of mine, and same with Stevie. I sent Stevie a nice text after completion of play, congratulating him on his win."

Those words had seemed sufficient to mollify Williams, until the disaffected caddie laid bare the full extent of his anger at last night's dinner. The racism was instantly jarring, given he had never previously been on record using any such intemperate language.

One British caddie, aware of the racism row affecting England captain John Terry, disclosed he spoke for many in being shocked by the inappropriateness

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of the comment.

But Williams has built a reputation for controversy through his bullying nature. He once threw a camera into a lake during a skins game, when a photographer took a picture in the middle of Woods' swing on the last hole, and another time seized one from a spectator during the 2004 US Open at Shinnecock Hills.

He also generated a storm of negative publicity for Woods late in 2008 through derogatory remarks at a charity dinner, where he said of Phil Mickelson: "I can't stand the -----."

Many unanswered questions spread last night through the Le Meridien lobby. What had possessed Williams to make so offensive a remark about Woods, when holding a microphone in front of a gathering of more than 100 people? Would Scott, an image-conscious 31 year-old who saw the crass gaffe, choose to dispense with his services?

All that was clear was Williams' quite vicious degree of venom towards the greatest golfer of the generation, whom he had served for more than a decade.

Monday Swing Analysis: Sergio's putting fix

So much has been made of Sergio Garcia's battles with the putter over the last several years. His frustrations nearly drove him from the game. But he has had quite a resurgence of late, winning the last two events on the European Tour, including a one-stroke victory over fellow countryman Miguel Angel Jimenez in the Andalucia Masters at Valderrama over the weekend. 

Sergio's comeback seems to have started with a tip he got from putting guru Dave Stockton, who recounted the story while visiting with a group of Golf Digest editors in our Wilton, Conn., office on Friday. Here's a short report from Assistant Managing Editor Jeff Patterson:

Stockton said that when he's asked to take a look at someone's putting stroke, he also likes to see their chipping motion. Naturally, Sergio Garcia was brought up. Senior Instruction Editor

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Peter Morrice asked Stockton why Sergio seems to have so much creativity around the greens, but little success on them. After saying Sergio looked all right in his 11-shot victory the weekend before at the Castello Masters, Stockton related an interesting anecdote:

Stockton was on the putting green at Firestone Country Club during a practice round for the 2010 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. While Dave worked with one of his tour pros, Sergio was within earshot. The message Stockton was trying to

get across was that putting is all about using the left hand. As with hitting a low chip, the left hand is the key ingredient, as it never breaks down.

Later, while walking the course, Stockton heard Sergio repeating the lesson that Stockton had intended for a fellow competitor. Stockton approached Sergio and said, "Really, if it's the left hand, why do you still use so much of your right?"

At that time, Sergio was using a traditional reverse-overlap grip, but still
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relied heavily on his bottom hand. Garcia soon had a brief trial of left-hand low at the end of the 2010 season, before he moved to the claw grip for the 2011 season.

The progression seems obvious: Sergio worked to take his right hand out of the stroke--first with the left-hand-low grip, and then with the claw grip. In the claw, the right hand is only a guide (like the non-shooting hand in basketball) and doesn't have much grip on the club.

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Golfers given break with new rules!

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland - Golfers will no longer be penalized if their ball moves after it has been addressed in one of a number of rule changes announced by the sport's governing body on Monday.

Rory McIlroy and Webb Simpson are high-profile players to have been hit with one-shot penalties this year for what

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is widely regarded as one of the harshest rules in golf.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club, which is responsible for administering the Rules of Golf, says that from Jan. 1 next year, players will be exonerated if the ball moves after the address "when it is known or virtually certain that he did not cause the ball to move."

"Every time the wind blows, I am worried that my ball is going to move and I am worried about grounding my putter, distracting me from trying to hole my putt," said three-time major winner Padraig Harrington, who is an R&A ambassador.

The third-ranked McIlroy was hit with the punishment in his final round at the British Open at Royal St. George's.

The consequences weren't disastrous for McIlroy — he had little chance of winning the tournament and ended up finishing 25th — but the same cannot be said of Simpson's misfortune in the final round of the Zurich

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Classic of New Orleans in May.

The American player was leading by a shot and closing in on what would have been his first title when his ball moved on the 15th green. After being given a one-stroke penalty, he eventually lost in a playoff to compatriot Bubba Watson.

Simpson lost the PGA Tour money title to Luke Donald on Sunday by a margin of $335,861 — the difference between first and second place at the Zurich Classic was $460,800.

Simpson at the time labeled the sanction "such a bad rule."

Other changes announced by the R&A, which issues the sport's rules in conjunction with the USGA — the governing body for the United States

and Mexico — include allowing players to smooth sand or soil before playing from a hazard "provided it is for the sole purpose of caring for the course and Rule 13-2 (improving lie, area of intended stance or swing or line of play) is not breached."

Golfers will also no longer be automatically disqualified from a tournament if they start late, but within five minutes of the correct tee time. Instead, they will lose the first hole in match play or two shots at the first hole in stroke play.

"I am delighted with the changes, in particular the ball moving after address," Harrington said. "It is definitely giving us players a little bit of a break."

In addition, the R&A has amended the definition of addressing the ball to mean "simply ... grounding his club immediately in front of or behind the ball, regardless of whether or not he has taken his stance."

Before, the address position required a player to be stood over the ball with the club grounded.

The new rules will be effective until 2015, the R&A said.

The Devil Ball Q&A: Notah Begay III

The mission of your Foundation is not only to reduce the rate of childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes within the Native American Community, but also to develop leadership skills for youth through sports, health and research programs. In what ways do you believe sports, and especially golf, can be a crucial tool for teaching youth?

I think there's a couple facets to that concept. The first of which is that when sports is introduced correctly to young children they can learn the principles of goal-setting, hard work, dedication, a lot of things that are central to their development into responsible, young adults. The second facet of that is the sport transcends race, transcends political affiliation, and gender. You see sports fans cheer, whether it's the Yankees or Dallas Cowboys, and they're from all different economic backgrounds, different ethnicities, both are types of things that sports offer to our young children without having to modify, or change, the essence of the activities. The only thing we are responsible for is engaging the children appropriately with the respect of sport.

I know you are playing in the desert in a couple weeks down in Palm Springs (Nov. 3), are you excited to be playing on the Canadian Tour in California?

Well, going back to the Foundation, one of my biggest sponsors and one of the biggest supporters of my professional career and what basically helped get the NB3 Foundation started is the San Manuel Band of Serrano of Mission Indians. Their reservation is located in San Bernardino and so the tournament gives me a great opportunity to come down and support that partnership that I've had with them now for quite some time. They are one of the founding partners of the NB3 Challenge, which has raised close to $3 million for the NB3 Foundation. It's great to be back in an area where I've had such strong support and I hope to be able to continue to foster that relationship as we move forward.

I was just wondering, what the heck is the Canadian Tour doing in California?

[Laughing] Well, it's just like the Nationwide Tour in South America and the PGA Tour in Asia; the European Tour set a precedent five or six years ago when they went global. Continental Europe isn't the best place for year-round golf so I thought it was a very wise decision by leadership in the European Tour to take its tour global. They start their season in December in South Africa and move to the Middle East and then head to Southeast and Central Asia and then back into Spain for the springtime. They set the precedent and now every major tour has followed suit, the LPGA Tour included with their last

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two events in Asia. The Canadian Tour is no different. I think it's fantastic, it's great to have that type of opportunity for players to go to a nice place and play for a nice purse and support the Canadian Tour.

How's your game these days? Strengths? Weaknesses?

I feel great about my game. My game has sort of experienced a resurgence. My health is good and I'm looking forward to getting back on the PGA Tour full-time next year so I can win some tournaments.

You mentioned the global element of the game as a major factor in today's world of golf, but what do you think has been the biggest change to professional golf since you began playing?

Well, purse size is probably the biggest change. Tiger Woods basically took the game global and now all the tours are following that path. If you look at a tour schedule 15-20 years ago to now, it doesn't even reflect in a variety of ways what the tour is now. It'd be fewer events for a third of the money. You certainly wouldn't have the international representation and you wouldn't see the globalization of the tour. It certainly has evolved, and it's just like the world economies. Globalization and technology have forced everybody to look in other areas that weren't available 15-20 years ago to generate profits and revenues and the PGA Tour is no different. I think the one thing that there needs to be concern of is whether or not the PGA Tour is 100 percent behind exploiting some of its best products.

Along the lines of globalization and international element, what type of impact do you foresee this group of young guns having on the world of golf? (Guys like Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Ryo Ishikawa, Jason Day, now Bud Cauley.)

I think with Tiger's downturn in the last couple years and as he's been struggling to sort of find his game and get to his highly competitive level, what that's given golfers, viewers and even members of the PGA Tour is an opportunity to see what golf would look like without Tiger Woods. It's been great and exciting. The major championships with the exception of the U.S. Open were up for grabs. There were four or five players that could have won the other three majors. There are so many new winners and young players — Bill Haas, Webb Simpson — guys that are coming into their own and are coming into the peak periods of their lives as far as their performance is concerned. It's not going to generate the ratings, and I think this is the reality the PGA Tour has to come to and the rest of the golf has to come to is — a guy like Tiger Woods comes along once in a century. They are not going to see the jump in ratings and growth in the game that they've experienced with Tiger being

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a part of it all. But that doesn't mean the game still can't be interesting and can't be innovative and can't be exciting. These young guys do
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so many great things and they hit the ball far, they can hit shots. It's still a very, very entertaining product.

Are you and Tiger still close? How do you think his progress is going with the rebuilding of his game and ultimately regaining his confidence?

Tiger and I have remained good friends; we are as close as we've ever been. I love him like my brother and it pains me to see what he's had to endure. I certainly know he's going to come out a better person because of it. I believe 100 percent that his game will return to high levels. Now I don't know what that means, age takes a toll on everybody and with the emotional and mental trauma that he experienced, everyone deals with it differently. He's got to come to terms with all of that and you will soon see a rejuvenated Tiger Woods. I was very, very encouraged by his performance at the Frys. He's going to build off of that and you should see some high quality golf from him at the Australian Open and Presidents Cup.

A lot of golf experts and fans assume that there's one aspect of his game that is the problem, like if only he fixed his driver or that the "real" problem is his putter, but do you think there is one thing he really needs to hone in on to elevate his game?

It's all about reps, which is what he says. More competitive reps. He needs to play more and that only comes with time. You can only play one round a day. It's not going to happen overnight and it takes a little bit of success to build confidence and it's a very tricky, tricky process. He's probably struggling as much as he's ever struggled in his career. Players in similar places in their career have one of two choices — fight or flight. So is he going to stand and fight or is he going to run scared? I think he's going to stand and fight it out. He will be just fine.

What are your thoughts on a player like Dustin Johnson, who has proven how strong of a player he is, but who we've also seen crumble down the stretch in multiple major championships?

A player like Dustin Johnson isn't just a great golfer, he's a great athlete. He might be the best athlete on the PGA Tour. He's the kind of guy that could probably play or pick up just about anything he wanted. The upside and potential of a guy like Johnson is limitless. He has the ability do as well as he'd like to with regard to the mechanical physical components. But the way people engage in stressful situations that are created in major championship circumstances is different. Some players handle it well and some don't. We would be judging his ability to win majors too quickly if he were going to base it on his poor performance on Sunday at the U.S. Open and then the PGA Championship.

What three players impressed you most this year?

The player with the most upside has got to be Rory McIlroy. His coming out and winning a major championship the way he did, I mean it's irrelevant the way the golf course played. Congressional played like a regular tour event, it just wasn't a U.S. Open setup. But regardless, the guy kicked everybody's butt. No one is going to talk about the soft fairways and soft greens in 15 years. You will see his name as the lowest score ever shot. The other two players from a consistency standpoint in big tournaments, you have to look at Jason Day, who fulfilled everyone's expectations placed on him from four or five years ago. The biggest surprise to me is Webb Simpson. I don't think anyone would've ever picked him prior to anything this year to be a contender to win the FedEx Cup and PGA Tour Money List, which is exactly what he's done and is a testament to his will and his talent and I think you will see some great things from him for the next 10 years.

As somebody who has experimented with some unconventional putting methods, have you tried the belly putter? Do you think the craze will catch on?

Oh I think it's going to catch on if it hasn't already. I haven't experimented with it and don't agree with it from a technical, or mechanical standpoint. But that doesn't matter. The fact is you've got to make putts. Your stroke doesn't have to be perfect. I think it's more important to believe in what you are doing than having good mechanics. If people believe the belly putter allows them to stay more stable, I mean it basically

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saved Fred Couples' career and has saved a lot of peoples'. I mean when you see Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els trying it, I think it's gone past the experimental phase and is now a mainstream, widely accepted method of putting that you will see more and more amateurs take up.

What's your favorite track to compete on?

St. Andrews. No question.

If there is one course that you recommend all golfers go and play at some point in their lives, which would it be and why?

Gosh, that's a good question. I would have to say a course like San Francisco Golf Club. A lot of people don't know about it. It's an old-school design, old-school feel. Beautiful clubhouse, laid-back feeling, caddies, fog, you hit every club in the bag. It's just a great place to play.

Donald charges to stunning win at Disney

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida (AP)—Already No. 1 in the world, Luke Donald left little doubt who was No. 1 on the PGA Tour on Sunday when he ran off six straight birdies on the back nine and closed with an 8-under 64 to win the Children's Miracle Network Classic.

Donald felt his only chance to capture the PGA Tour money title—and state a clear case as player of the year—was to win at Disney in the final tournament of the year.

"It was do or die," Donald said.

That's what made his victory Sunday in the Children's Miracle Network Classic his most gratifying win of the year. Five shots behind going into the final round, and still four shots out of the lead with nine holes to play, Donald left little doubt who was No. 1—in the world ranking, and now on the PGA Tour.

Donald ran off six straight birdies to blow past Webb Simpson on the leaderboard and on the money list, closing with an 8-under 64 for a two-shot victory over Justin Leonard that makes him a clear favorite for PGA Tour player of the year.

"I told you guys on Wednesday that the goal was to win. Nothing was really going to be good enough other than that," Donald said. "I think this is probably one of the most satisfying wins of my career just because of that.

"It's just knowing that I had to do it, and being able to do it ... it's very, very special."

Not only was Donald four shots out of the lead at the turn, he was two shots behind Simpson, who had a $363,029 lead on the money list. His caddie for the week, Gareth Lord, had sent Donald a text Saturday night to say that "it's not over yet."

Donald's timing could not have been better. He holed four straight birdie putts inside 8 feet, took the lead with an 18-foot birdie on the par-5 14th hole, then sealed his stunning rally with a 45-foot birdie on the 15th hole.

"We gave ourselves a chance," said Simpson, who shot 69 and tied for sixth. "The fact is, playing against the best player in the world, he's going to do something great like that most of the time, and he did. Made six birdies in a row. Tough to compete against."

Donald won for the second time this year on tour, as many as anyone else. He also won the Vardon Trophy for the lowest adjusted scoring average. He finished in the top 10 in 74 percent of his starts.

And now, he has his first PGA Tour money title with $6.68 million—along with a seven-figure bonus from sponsor Ralph Lauren.

The PGA Tour player of the year award is a vote of the players, and ballots go out next week. Simpson had been considered a front-runner going into the week, mainly because he was leading the money list.

Donald, who finished at 17-under 271 and earned $846,000, was asked to make a case for someone other than him.

"Not sure I could at the moment," he said. "I think I've answered everyone's questions. Coming into this week, I felt like Webb was probably the favorite, based on he was ahead of me on the money list and he was ahead of me in wins this year. Obviously, I've drawn level on wins and I've gotten ahead on money.

"Feels like I've answered all the questions thrown at me."

Simpson wasn't quite sure.

"I don't know yet," Simpson said, who won twice and was No. 2 on the money list and the FedEx Cup. "I think I've played great. Luke has played great. Couple other guys have played well. Still probably up in the air a little bit. But I'm sure I'll vote for myself."

Donald also kept alive his bid to become the first player to win the money title on the PGA Tour and European Tour in the same season. His lead in Europe is just over $1.8 million over Rory McIlroy with five tournaments remaining.

Leonard finished with eight pars for a 71. He already is exempt for next year, but kept alive his streak of never finishing out of the top 125 on the money

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list since joining the tour in 1994.

Tom Pernice Jr., a 52-year-old who refuses to give up on playing with guys half his age, closed with a 69 for a three-way tie for third, earning enough money to finish at No. 121 and earn back his PGA Tour card.

There were plenty of twists and turns at the bottom of the money list, as players were grinding to finish in the top 125 to have full status on tour next year.

Bobby Gates missed a 6-foot putt on the final hole but still appeared safe. Pernice only moved into the top 125 when Nick O'Hern bogeyed his last hole and fell out of the logjam at third place. On the other side of the Magnolia Course, D.J. Trahan knocked in a 22-foot birdie putt on his last hole at No. 9—the second-toughest hole.

That ultimately enabled Trahan to finish at No. 125 on the money list by $1,431 over Gates.

"I don't know what par would have done," Trahan said. "I really, honestly don't know what difference that would have made, but birdie certainly didn't hurt me. So

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I'm thrilled that I made that putt."

Donald, however, stole the show.

He only entered Disney after Simpson decided to play at Sea Island last week, and when Simpson was the runner-up to take the lead on the money list, Donald knew his best chance was to win.

He matched birdies with Simpson on the easy par-5 10th, and from there, Donald was in his own world. A wedge to 8 feet on the 11th. An 8-iron to 6 feet on the 12th. A lob wedge to 5 feet on the 13th.

The most meaningful shot came at the par-5 14th, where Donald had gone bogey and double bogey the previous two rounds, then pledged to reporters he would make birdie Sunday. He rolled in an 18-foot putt to get

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his revenge and take the lead.

"The putt on 15 was a bonus," Donald said.

So was the reaction. For a man with so little emotion, Donald crouched, let out a yell, then slammed his fist toward the round when it dropped into the center of the cup. Donald suddenly had a two-shot lead, and no one behind him was making a move.

Kevin Chappell, the PGA Tour rookie who shared the 54-hole lead with Leonard, was tied for the lead when he missed a 3-foot birdie putt on the 10th and dropped a shot on the 11th with an approach into the bunker. Chappell closed with a 72 and was in the group at 274 that included Pernice and Sunghoon Kang, who birdied the last hole and moved into the top 125.

McIlroy splits from agent Chandler after 4 years

LONDON (AP)—U.S. Open champion Rory McIlroy split from agent Chubby Chandler on Friday to join Ryder Cup partner Graeme McDowell at a Dublin management company.

The 22-year-old Northern Irishman had been represented by Chandler's International Sports Management since turning professional in 2007. McIlroy will now be affiliated with Horizon.

"I am now keen to move onto the next stage of my career and I feel this will be facilitated by a fresh view and a new structure around me," McIlroy said in a statement.

ISM said it took "great pride ... in guiding him successfully through his formative years as a professional golfer."

McIlroy, ranked No. 3, thanked Chandler for his

"guidance, representation and management."

"Chubby and his team have played a very important role in

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my success to date," he
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Winner's Bag: Ben Crane at the McGladrey Classic

DRIVER: Titleist 910D2 (7.5°) with a Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara W 50 for Titleist shaft

FAIRWAY WOODS: TaylorMade V Steel (15°) Titleist 910F (17°) with Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 93 shafts

HYBRID: Titleist 910H (21°) with a UST Mamiya ProForce AXIVCore 100 shaft


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Titleist AP2 (5-PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shafts

WEDGES: Titleist Vokey Design (51°), Spin Milled C-C (55°, 59°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shafts

PUTTER: Odyssey White Hot #5

BALL: Titleist Pro V1x

Ogilvy criticizes Couples early Woods pick

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP)—Australian player Geoff Ogilvy criticized Fred Couples for giving Tiger Woods a Presidents Cup captain's pick a month early.

Ogilvy, a member of the International team that will play the United States next month at Royal Melbourne, said in a telephone conference call Thursday he didn't agree with Couples' move to publicly assure Woods of a captain's pick before they had to

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be made.

"You can't ever say that picking Tiger Woods is a bad selection, but the way he picked him ... " Ogilvy said. "I don't agree with the way he picked him, announcing it months early, basically telling the guys who are on the fringe of the U.S. team there's really only going to be one pick.

"Keegan Bradley is the obvious one. He's won two tournaments this year, one

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of them being a major, and he hasn't made the team, which is astonishing really that you can do that in a year and not make the team.

"I'm not going to stand up and say Tiger is a horrible pick, but I'm going to say it's very disappointing that Keegan Bradley doesn't get to play. That's where I'm at with it."

Couples added Woods and Tour Championship winner Bill Haas to the 10 automatic picks, leaving out PGA Championship winner Bradley.

Bradley, the PGA Grand Slam winner Wednesday in Bermuda, could still end up at Royal Melbourne as an injury replacement for Steve Stricker, fighting a herniated disk in his neck.

Last week, International captain Greg Norman said he wouldn't have picked Woods and that Bradley would have been a more logical choice.

"I can understand the name of a Tiger Woods and his history of what he's done on the golf course," Norman said. "But I pick the guys who I think are ready to get in there and play and have performed to the highest levels leading up to it."

Couples stood by his selection after winning Champions Tour event in San Antonio, dropping subtle hints that he could also question Norman's selections.

"I have no problem with Greg. He can say whatever he wants, but I'm not

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really into that. I play golf with my clubs," Couples said. "Robert Allenby is his pick, and Aaron Baddeley, and they're Australians and I think they're great picks. But I think I can sit here and say Robert Allenby hasn't won a tournament in 10 years."

Allenby's last PGA Tour win was 10 years ago in the Pennsylvania Classic, although he has seven wins since then, including Australian's Triple Crown—the Masters, PGA and Open—in 2005.

"The truth is, Tiger Woods is the greatest or the second-greatest player to ever play, and he's going to be down in Australia, and I hope he plays up to his capabilities," Couples said. "But I think Tiger is used to getting picked on, and it's irrelevant to me."

Ogilvy said Royal Melbourne—the scene of the International team's only Presidents Cup victory in 1998—would again provide a definite advantage to the internationals.

"It's a pretty big advantage," he said. "You wouldn't consider it one of the most difficult golf courses in the world anymore, but it's definitely a golf course that rewards local knowledge."

Greg Norman on why his Presidents Cup team is dangerous, and why Tiger will never win another major

By Cameron Morfit, Senior Writer, GOLF Magazine

Give me your pitch for why you and former LPGA star Lorena Ochoa should win the contract to build a course in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Games.

Her roots are in South America, number one. Her penetration into golf in that part of the world, what she's done and brought to the table, is far superior to anybody else. And the credibility of the design jobs that I've done around the world — environmentally sensitive, hosting Tour events. We're also very good spokesmen. We like to talk about the game. Having golf back in the Olympics is not a given forever. We have to produce the goods in 2016 for the IOC to vote on it in 2020.

Why are you two a better choice than Jack Nicklaus and Annika Sorenstam, who are also lobbying for the job?

They're iconic in their own rights, but Lorena and I are young enough where we can actually — we want to carry that baton and really push forward. That's a platform that I've been very open about. You have to have the credibility in order to do it, number one, but you also need to have the responsibility that comes with that.

Where are you building courses these days? Mostly in China?

All over. We're in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, China, Australia, Vietnam, the Middle East, Russia. We have 27 courses under construction or just getting ready to go.

How much attention do you pay to the state of the U.S. economy?

It has a direct effect on my business. I believe you lead from the top down, and if I ran my business like the guy in the White House runs his business now, whether it's your debt-to-GDP, or your inflows to your outflows, basically — I'd be bankrupt. If I didn't show the confidence to my staff from 2007 to where we are today, making a change to the business model, making adjustments within human resources, moving people out, which you don't like to do, to consolidate — you have to do that. And I haven't seen that [from President Obama]. And I've got no confidence. It's nothing personal, but the president has killed the entrepreneurial spirit that made America so fantastic post–World War II.

If you had five minutes with President Obama, what would you tell him?

Balance your budget. It's as simple as that. Implement a policy instead of implementing politics. He's introduced 600 new regulations since he's been president — 600 new regulations have to be understood, implemented and executed. And they're handcuffing this country. So what happens? Companies like GE go overseas and make money overseas and don't pay tax in America. At the end of the day it's not working.

The PGA Tour seems to be weathering

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the storm, though its ratings have dipped. Do you suppose that's more because of Obama's fiscal policies or Tiger's demise?

It's a combination of things. Specifically everybody fell in the trap of what [the NBA] did with Michael Jordan. They put all their eggs in Michael Jordan's basket, and justifiably so, the greatest basketball player ever. You should do that. But at the end of the day, when the run comes to an end, you haven't got a backup plan. People say the ratings are dependent on Tiger, but you have to give credit to these young guys — they're so good. I've never seen professional golf look as healthy as it does today, and these kids are not getting the recognition.

The Tour recently signed another long-term TV deal, though the terms were not disclosed, not to the public at least. Do you think the players also feel cut off, like they're not in the loop?

Look, when I played I always felt that I was cut off as the top guy out there. I really felt like I didn't have all the information to go on.

You and PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem have had a contentious relationship since the mid-90s, when you tried to form a rival tour. Has it been awkward for you being a Presidents Cup captain given it's a PGA Tour production and Finchem's baby?

No. He and I have got on great. We really have. I complimented the PGA Tour the other day. They've been a huge ally with our Shark Shootout. We've been together for 22 years, and it's been a tough economic time and the PGA Tour has stepped up to the plate. They really, really have been fantastic.

Would you ever be bold enough to be a playing captain?


What is your greatest strength as captain?

Taking all the outside distractions away from my team so they can go do what they do best: play golf, and win.

And your greatest weakness?

You'll have to ask others for this answer. I hope none.

What do you admire most about U.S. captain Fred Couples?

The connection he has with the members of his team.

One of your most exciting players is your countryman Jason Day. Why might he end up being better than all the other so-called young guns?

He's got time on his side. He's got an extra 10 years on Adam Scott. I like his demeanor and I like his background. He didn't come from an easy past, so he's hungry. He understands, and he's respectful about where he is and where he wants to go. I think he's the next new star on the horizon, for sure.

Has it been fun to watch Scott thrive with the long putter?

I love the guy. He's like my younger brother in a lot of ways. He worked with the long putter the early part of this year on my backyard green at the Medalist [in Hobe Sound, Fla.], when he stayed with me for tournaments in Florida, and I said to him, "Adam, you look more relaxed with this putter." He had a lot of pressure on his short game because he was trying to chip it to two feet instead of to four or five.

Does it bother you that the Ryder Cup outshines the Presidents Cup?

You've got to give it time. You've got to generate that rivalry. The fact that the Internationals haven't won since 1998 is not good for the event. These guys are good. I printed out three sheets of paper, with the top 15 potential players for the International team, the top 15 for the Americans, and the top 15 Ryder Cup guys since 2009. My guys have outperformed the United States and Europe in number-one, top-two, top-three and top-10 finishes around the world.

Plus you'll be playing a home game, or some of your players will.

Well, I also made columns on those sheets for how these guys have performed in Australia, Japan, Europe, South Africa. In two of those columns, there was only one American player who finished in the top 10 in two years. I said, "Look at this, guys: They do great in America, but when you take them out of America they're not doing that great. Why? What is the deal? Why? Why?" It's an amazing stat.

Was Tiger on the list of Americans?

No, he wasn't in the top 15.

Bud Cauley almost locks up tour card

By Jonathan Wall  

Bud Cauley isn't there yet, but on Sunday afternoon, the 21-year-old moved even closer to doing the unthinkable after finishing T-15 at

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the McGladrey Classic, thereby allowing him to run his season earning to
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$735,150 -- or the equivalent of 112th on the PGA Tour's Money List.

I say "equivalent" because Cauley isn't a member of the PGA Tour. The junior at the University of Alabama decided to forego the rest of his collegiate career for the chance to go pro. A couple weeks ago, it didn't seem like Cauley was destined for Q-School.

But following a third-place finish at the Open, Cauley vaulted himself into the Top 125 on the Money List. He's

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been running on sponsor's exemptions since the Travelers Championship, which makes his incredible late season run even more impressive.

After getting into the field at the McGladrey's via his finish at the Frys, Cauley made the most of the opportunity and moved up a couple more spots on the Money List. The good news for Cauley is the money he earned at the McGladreys should be enough to allow him to become only the sixth player since 1980 to go from college to the tour in the same season.

The bad news is Cauley won't get the opportunity to determine his destiny. While his T-15 was impressive, it wasn't enough to get him into the field at

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Disney -- he needed a top 10 to get a spot in the event -- which means he'll have to sit around and wait for the tournament to end before seeing if his late push was enough.

But he shouldn't worry too much. The odds of every player from 112-125 passing him on the list are pretty slim -- meaning he's as close to a lock as you can get.


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